Sunday, January 31, 2010

mr hare:

london based footwear mr hare: the perfection of british quality and the chic 'tude' of the parisian man...  mr hare has so many shoes we covet....  you?

paolo reversi:

hermes spring/summer ad campaign: featuring the lovely and adorable karlie kloss shot by paolo reversi.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

louis vuitton:

louis vuitton: spring/summer 2010 behind the scenes advertisements: “she’s just a modern and iconic sexy beauty, and I think the vuitton customers will relate to her and want to be her.”- marc jacobs.

mert & marcus:

"who loves you baby?" the dynamic duo for love magazine: issue three.  its out monday... go get yourself one or three.

arnaud lapierre:

"named the winner of cinna maison française, with l’ accueil: the unit is composed of three articulated structures: a led light source and two plates which can be arranged in different positions; a place for daily objects: keys, letters, things not to forget..."
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Friday, January 29, 2010

the brad and taylor project:

photographed by jiro scheider: and styled by taylor jacobson and brad goreski.  ok so we fall into the fan obsessed group of the sharply witted and adorable cute 'extras' on the rachel zoe project,  brad and taylor.  check out the latest papermag for the dynamic duo's makeovers on each other.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

hedi slimane:

"how to dress like your hero" styled by the lovely nicola formichetti and shot by hedi slimane for vman...  "just work with what you got.  all it takes is a little imagination. isn't that what fashion's all about? up, up, up and away!"
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mario testino:

who's your favorite jonas?  mario testino for vman #17:  nick jonas the 17 year old wunder-kid 1/3 of the teen super group the jonas brothers...  teaches us "how to be a rockstar"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tommy ton:

the street photo-blogger extraordinaire tommy ton of jak and jill has been a busy fellow this season...  from gq-to-lvmh tommy is rocking it: check out his latest with louis vuitton.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sergi pons:

the latest from sergi pons featuring the one everybody loves jon kortajarena:

katharina fritsch:

"rattenkönig= rat king" from the dia: to the schaulager... fritsch's sculptures have enlightened and frightened us.
"she often transforms quotidian objects or ordinary looking figures into something new and strange, through repetition and manipulation of scale and color. her sculptures are the result of a time-consuming process: a piece is usually molded by hand, then cast in plaster, reworked, and then cast again in polyester."
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Monday, January 25, 2010


fall/winter 2010: "god is in the details" i know we've been leaping for joy at so many of the mens collections so far this season...  and its not about to stop with lanvin.  alber and lucas sent down a barrage of new shapes and fabric combinations for the 'tough man' in vogue.  linens, silks, leathers and knits in a military air, but with a flow and drape only lanvin can evoke.  sure there are a few pieces that (ie: the fuzzy knits) will end up on the sale rack... but the rest... are heaven and come septembre we'll be standing outside 22 rue du faubourg saint-honoré, "lèche-vitrines"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

maison martin margiela:

fall/winter 2010:  we've been so worried about one of our favorite designers...  since the departure of martin, its been a bit of a question mark...  now we can say we're confident in the brand...  with a little less flash and a lot more wearable pieces margiela is again and possibly forever on our radar and on our backs; effortlessly cool with the norm luxury fabrics, beautiful and forward cuts and accessories to forever tote. margiela is one of our favorite collections so far this season...