Saturday, January 10, 2009

what i saw today:

let’s talk about genius for a moment:  designer man’s 'what I saw today' takes all of us to a new level.  it’s a daily look at life/fashion/city/people in sketch form... it's completely brilliant and everyday changes the way i see friends, co-workers, clients and the people in the scene.

"new york is an endless runway. watching people is as compelling today as it was when i first moved here many years ago. my design eye is informed by working with some of the best in the business - calvin klein, bill blass, perry ellis and sean combs. they taught me how to look at fabric, shape, and color. i’m taking that knowledge and combining it with my love of illustration to record what  i see around me - the vital and always changing style of guys in new york."

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designerman said...

i was just scrolling thru your blog thinking how chic it is when i came across this! thank you so much for your kind words!!