Wednesday, December 02, 2009

noah and the whale:

the uk produces some of the greatest music in world...  "the first days of spring" is proof of that.  besides an amazing sophomore album the minds behind the tracks created a video that follows the entire album...  and its brilliant.  
"the journey the album takes you on, from the ominous drum tattoo and string swell on the opening title track right through to the strummed acoustic guitar, pedal-steel keening and massed voices that bring 'my door is always open' to its devastating close, is an experience quite unlike that offered by most music being made today."

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Juan Sanchez said...

Short but great film, short but great post. Thanks! I saw your comment at Vimeo's page of the film. I also was moved by the song "My Door Is Always Open", so wonderful at the end of the song...

Hope you're doing ok these days :)