Monday, March 08, 2010


fall/winter 2010: for anna larson's second season at erro, she has given us a definite thought for her collection: from deconstruction comes anew.  a little rick, a little ann and just as luxe, she's one to watch... oh and the leather body formed corsets, we love.
“i see this idea of detachment, of taking something apart and using the pieces in unexpected ways, as another exploration of the beauty of imperfection,” explains larson. “when a garment is pristine, it’s not interesting to me. it’s a closed circuit. i like what time does to clothes; i like the texture wear creates. those are passive effects; this season, i was thinking about action. you make a jacket a vest, you shift a shirt around so it has a different shape. you create your own experience of your clothes. to me, that’s beautiful.” -larson

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sexy... it is!