Sunday, January 23, 2011


may be the perfect gym bag.  may be the perfect backpack.  haerfest bags: a line of deceptively simple modern classics.  where and how can we get our hands on the overnight bag? we covet. 


WalkerLewis said...

These are cool, can you buy them in New York or LA?


Anonymous said...


Is there a specific style / color that peaked your interest?

Where are you located? If theres a particular store that you think might be a good fit or would recommend to carry our bags please let us know. Our stockists should be posted on our site by next
month. If you can send us your contact information at sales[at], we'll make sure to follow up with you then.

Many thanks,


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, I'm interested in the Haerfest B1 backpack. Does it fit a 15inch macbook?